Mwenge - Lufungila,
Nzasa street, House No. 3
P.O.Box 6910, Dar es salaam
Tel: +255673400437 / +255754400437

About Attwood

Attwood marketing and communications is a full Tanzania owned company registered with incorparation number 140466026, AMC Is 360° Marketing advisory firm that deliver more comprehensive solutions than traditional marketing agencies

We are ultimately inspired by our collaborations with clients who value design and demand a competitive edge in the marketplace by clearly delivering their vision to their audience because we believe that elevated positioning, economic success and market presence for companies comes through a design culture that is developed from strategic thinking, a smart approach, creative insight and a passion for craftsmanship. Consequently, our intuition and experience is combined to create an authentic brand story.

Our Mission

To enable businesses to grow by using our effective 360° marketing services and people to be satisfied by finding convenience, fun and value in our services

Our Vision

To be recognized for our contribution to the marketing economy and for value we bring to the business and society.

Our Values



Ability to consistently come up with new and innovative ideas.



Being efficient and structured in the way a company operates.



Willing to think outside of the box and to approach problems and challenges in unique and imaginative ways.



A company encourage its employees to be optimistic, enthusiastic and passionate about their work.



Dedicated to build trust and strong relationships with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our Clients